I have been lucky enough to attend Girl Talk for all 5 years, and I am so grateful to have experienced it each year. I first attended to support Meagan, experience something that I wouldn't normally do, and get out of my bubble. On my first year of attending, I was 12 years old and nervous because I thought that there might be a lot of girls that would be rude. That wasn't the case at all, All of the girls there that I met were so wonderful and sweet. Attending Girl Talk made me realize that not all girls are mean, and that there are so many nice and sweet girls to make friends with. As i've gotten older and attended every year, it has really helped me with improving myself to become the person I want to be. Every year, I invite as many of my friends as I can so they could learn new things, make more friends, socialize, and just have a wonderful and positive day. Girl Talk has just such positive vibes there. Ive always been self conscious of myself, but after attending it really helped me gain my confidence back and feel stronger. I believe it is a perfect place for girls of all ages to go, especially younger girls. Young girls should learn from a young age how beautiful they are, their value and worth. Thats exactly what Meagan and other beautiful inspiring volunteers help teach girls. One of my favorite parts of Girl Talk is when they have all the girls write any questions they have anonymously, and Meagan and her expert panel take turns answering the questions. That is my favorite part because I believe it really helps the girls ask the questions that they might be scared to ask someone in person, and to hear women that are talking from the heart. There are so many wonderful reason why Girl Talk is so wonderful and something that all girls should experience.... they talk about self love and care. Meagan and everyone really knows how to work together and the event gets better every year.  Meagan and others work so hard every year to give girls such a wonderful experience. My favorite improvement that has been made from the past few years is having workshops, Its a wonderful improvement because girls can go to which workshops they want to learn more about that interest them. Im very excited to see what they do next.

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Girl talk was the best day of my life. It’s a day I will never forget. I flew all the way from Virginia. I finally got the chance to come after years of wanting to go. I never thought I would be able to make it but I did. This day meant so much to me. it was such a dream come true not only to meet my idol Meagan Tandy but go to the event that she created for girls and I know how much girl talk means to her it’s a wonderful experience. Girl talk is so empowering and impactful. I took a social media class there and after I left girl talk I was so inspired that I exercised a lesson and took a break from social media for a week. I even made some friends there that I have been able to keep in touch with. I also loved the art class! I love art, it was so much fun and I loved getting the opportunity to be creative like that. I love the girl power that it shows and the speakers were just amazing. There were so many lovely people and fun activities it was such a pleasure to be there. I also loved hearing about the topics that were focused on and it was such a learning experience. I wish that I had something like this  in Virginia when I was going through high school. Girl talk is the best and everyone involved worked so hard to make us happy. I’m so proud of everyone and to have been able to experience it was just amazing. Thank you Meagan

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"Girl Talk was the best day of my life.

Age 17, Ontario

"I have been coming for 3 years and it gives me the confidence to go through the next year."- 

Age 12, Fresno

"I loved Girl Talk because it took my insecurities away and I definitely recommend it."

Age 16, San Bernardino

"Every year this event is a lot of fun. Meagan is so down to earth and funny. I feel more confident in myself after attending the past two years..."