The Backstory

As Meagan's career began to take off, she noticed countless tweets and follows coming in on Twitter.  All of this attention from being on TV also subjected Meagan to cyber bullying. It was at this point she understood her influence and decided it was time to create something big and impactful!

The idea came easy. Meagan remembered her relationship with The Women On The Move Network of Rancho Cucamonga and volunteering forthe "Who's Your Hero" mentoring program. In hopes of gaining sponsorship, she met with several members of the WOTM Network which included Diane Gunther, Soheila Azizi, Barbara Moreno, Lailae Furutan and many more. They were on board immediately. They asked Meagan what would she name the "Back To School, End of Summer" event and Meagan responded "Girl Talk."

Girl Talk's very first seminar launched in July of 2013 with 31 young ladies! Meagan's brother Chris Tandy offered his incredible DJ services- Diversity Sounds which kept Girl Talk from being just any typical seminar-it was an event! Back packs were raffled off, hard hitting subjects were discussed, the girls dances, watched videos, and everyone went home with Girl Talk t-shirts. The event was a success! In 2015, the 3rd annual conference, the girls received "CHOICES" bracelets and exciting new ideas and decorative features came in via Meagan's mother. Sheila Tandy. Workshops were also introduced and they turned out to be one of the best aspects of the program!

Girl Talk had to find a new home for the 5th annual event. Meagan's dad, Fred Tandy had an idea and said "Let's head over to Chaffey College," where Meagan is an alum. A meeting with the President of Chaffey College Dr. Shannon and his team was arranged in the fall of 2015.  A collaboration began with Chaffey's Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Eric. Bishop. Girl Talk had a new location and registration great to numbers Meagan and her team had never seen!  Brand new sponsorships began: Frito Lay and Evolution Fresh, IEHP continued their sponsorship for the 2nd year in a row and Macy's had always been a great contributor to the event. Registration for the 2017 event had to be shut down to ensure there would be space for each young lady.

The need for an event like Girl Talk is always reassured with the countless messages of thanks swarming in from the girls via social media. It has turned out to be many of the young ladies "favorite event of the summer!" The program has evolved into something life changing for all involved from the staff, to the volunteers and most importantly for the girls themselves.

Meagan looks forward to launching her next venture for teens and young women called Empire Girls via the Meagan Tandy Foundation. All officially launching in the summer of 2018!