Each year the girls are able to choose which workshops they would like to attend!


self defense

Every young lady needs this workshop! This is an opportunity to learn how to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself should you find yourself in a dangerous situation. These tools will give you everything you need to feel confident in your ability to defend yourself! This year's self defense class will be instructed by former Miss USA, Nia Sanchez who is a 4th degree black belt!


Bullying is on the rise with continued low self esteem, lack of resources, and misunderstandings.  This workshop class is vital to every teenager.  This class teaches the girls how to recognize bullying, what to do when you're being bullied and what to do when you see someone being bullied.



money management

This class is extremely important for everyone to learn! Managing your spending at THIS age sets you in the right direction.  The skills you learn here are skills you will need for your entire life! Learning how to budget , how to set aside a certain percentage of each check, giving yourself an allowance fee, etc. Trust us, this is a great one!


This is always a fun one because the girls get to be creative! The girls get to learn about The Power Of Positive Thinking (one of Meagan's favorite books) at this age ! They're taught how to affirm positive things over their lives (eg: I will pass this test, I am active in school and in my community, I feel beautiful, etc.). Afterwards the girls make their own gratitude journals where they are educated on the importance of being thankful with what they have NOW.  This is one of Meagan's favorites! She loves teaching this one!



homework tips and tricks

We bring in a teacher who then gives the girls tips on how to prioritize their homework demands. Sometimes homework combined with after school programs, sports, etc. can get a little overwhelming. This workshop teaches the girls how to manage it all and budget their time.


Creative Therapy art sessions are very therapeutic, uplifting and empowering!  In this class the girls are encouraged to embrace their OWN thumbprints and creative expression via paint! In 2017 for the 5th annual event we had Fiori Barton bring her Creative Therapy class to Girl Talk!  This surely was a treat for the girls and as expected, it was a hit!



This is one of our highly requested topics! Several of the girls attending Girl Talk come by themselves.  Each year girls have requested to learn skills on how to introduce themselves to other girls and engage in conversation.  This workshop also teaches the girls how to recognize when they're in unhealthy friendships/relationships.